The Green Product Junkie is an organic beauty blog that recommends health, beauty, and lifestyle products so people can make the transition into a more toxic-free existence.. We’re honored to have this popular beauty and wellness destination feature CRIA Hair & Scalp Booster this past October.

Katie O’Sullivan, the founder of The Green Product Junkie, said that after receiving numerous emails requesting recommendations for products “to help grow hair, strengthen it and to make it healthier,” she became intrigued by CRIA because, “it’s not a typical hair treatment.” So she decided to try it. And ended up loving it!

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“If you’re struggling with hair growth… you’ll definitely want to try vegan Cria. Honestly, if I could use it everyday, I would. I would like to have a keg-sized bottle of it, actually.”

-The Green Product Junkie

Bottle of CRIA Hair and Scalp Booster

She recommends using CRIA to her readers because the product is more than just a hydrating oil because it “works to both help hair grow faster and stronger, too.”

Her review encourages her readers to try CRIA, mentioning how shiny, soft, voluminous and thick her hair has become. Even after years of coloring, CRIA was able to return to her hair its natural texture and thickness. She ends the article saying, “I’ve never seen my hair in such great shape after a product. Honest.”

Thank you Green Product Junkie for the rave review! We LOVE hearing how CRIA has transformed and rejuvenated your hair.

Thank you Green Product Junkie!

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