CRIA'sConnection to Amazon Rainforests 

CRIA is "to create" in Portuguese. This unique formula is powered by only 4 organic ingredients, of which Jaborandi Herb is indigenous to the Amazon Rainforests in South America. Our brand name not only pays homage to this incredible natural herb that rejuvenates hair follicles, but also to this “biome” that is home to 60% of Earth’s biodiversity.

FindingThe CRIA Formula

I'm an anthropologist by training. And about 5 years ago, I was doing a diary project, where I was looking at men’s diaries, specifically my father’s, to better understand how men construct their public selves through a private document. In a diary from 2005, I chanced upon an odd jumble of numbers, scribbled diagonally across the top of a page. It made no sense to me, so I asked my mother about it. And she immediately exclaimed, “There it is!” Sure enough, it turned out to be the formula for what is now CRIA!

Science-Backed LegacyMeaningful Minimalism for Maximum Life-Affirming Affects

CRIA is how I honor my parents. To create this formula based on the sciences of ethnobotany, homeopathy, and natural product chemistry required passion and patience. CRIA is 20 years in the making because my parents believed in healthier hair, the healthy way.

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