It All Started With An Obscure Notation In My Father’s Diary. . .

I am an anthropologist by training. A few years ago, I was doing a diary project, looking at male diaries to understand how men, in my culture, construct their public selves through a private document. I discovered my father’s diaries as result and was fascinated by what I saw in them. Each diary was a journal, a calendar, a recipe book, a memoir, a map, and a confessional. A recipe to make pomegranate wine followed a collection of birthdates. A quote from Rumi—the famous Persian love poet—sat right next to a homemade recipe for soothing the common cold. Intricate mathematical calculations framed the edges of a poem by Goethe on one page and the benefits of probiotic farming on the other.

“So there it is
THE formula!”

As I came to the last few pages in a diary from 1995, a set of scribbles placed diagonally across the top of a page caught my attention in particular. They were in pencil, not very legible at first glance. Numbers interspersed with words. It was definitely a formula of sorts but there was no title or reference. I took the diary to my mother, hoping she would know what it is. In the first minute, she exclaimed—“So there it is! THE formula!”

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According to our mother, the idea for the original formula came from her patients (she is a certified homeopathic doctor). They often asked her if she had “something,” “anything” for hair. Their question was driven of desperation to either save the hair, regenerate it, or just bring it all back. Obviously, in their experience there was nothing that did exactly what they needed. It was evident in their desperation that kept driving up the quest for something more, something different, something literally miraculous.

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