Kelly Kaiser

I have a very oily scalp and wash my hair daily. By the end of the day it would look greasy again. I noticed with so much washing my hair was getting thinner and thinner then I was noticing that you could see my hair right through my bangs and my part was getting bigger. I guess my shampoo sucked up all the oil (sebum) and collected it on my scalp with the results of clogged follicles and major hair loss. My doctor recommended using Rogaine. But I wasn’t ready to go there. I didn’t want chemicals in my scalp. Didn’t want to take the chance even though my hair continued to fall out by the handfuls after the shower, even while brushing.

Then a friend sent me the link to CRIA. The product is new. It actually contains the least number of ingredients of any product I have seen or used! There are only 4 ingredients! And there are no chemicals, not even FDA approved ones! And it is 100% natural, vegan (I like Vegan), and gluten-free (I am gluten-intolerant). This offering seemed too good to be true!! Like it was tailor-made for my situation. I do not normally review products after 2 weeks of use but here I am telling you, especially women, that I am already seeing a difference in my hair!! I am still losing hair but much less compared to the handfuls I was loosing before I started using CRIA. I even see tiny hair growth on my scalp, especially around my temples where my hair had started to recede. Now I am just hoping that this good turn will continue—that I will continue to grow new hair while significantly reducing the loss of hair. I will repost after another month to let you know if my hair growth is on track. And it smells good too! It has a good hint of lavender in it. I expected it to be greasy or sharp since it has a mix of oil and alcohol. But like the product says, it is non-greasy and non-drying! I am not sure how that happened but it is true! It feels lighter even than Argan oil! A really good, promising new product!!

Jacquelin Marrero

My hair is very thin, always has been. I have spent a number of years and money on hair volumizing products. You name it, I have bought it and used it. But nothing has felt right for me. I was just browsing the other day and came across CRIA—100% Natural, Vegan, Gluten-free hair follicle energizer. It looked like it was launched fairly recently. I read more on the label and saw that it had the most select and minimal ingredients I have ever seen in a product. There are always so many complicated additions to even the most natural and organic product that after some time you stop paying attention even. But CRIA has only four ingredients. Mind you, 4 only—not 3 or 10. It is so light, smells good, nothing sharp or oily. And feels soothing on the scalp. I thought that alcohol would sting but the combination is mixed so well that the alcohol doesn’t stand out. I felt an immediate cessation in irritation on my scalp upon application. It was so instant that I had stop and take in the feeling of not wanting to scratch my scalp raw. And even after washing, the sensation of a clean, soothed scalp remained. That is good for me at the moment. I will post again in a month about other effects of the product. I really hope I get some new hair or at least my hair feels thicker, healthier.

Tina Soto

CRIA is very pleasant smelling – smells very clean and fresh. My cousin gave it to me. I was eager to try it just because it was gluten-free (I am hyper allergic to gluten) and is Leaping Bunny certified. That is my general criteria for buying and using products. I used it every other day for the first two weeks. And the first thing I noticed is that my hair has a little more body then it usually does, and is feels healthier. That is only in two weeks! My scalp feels really clean as well. I always had small bumps like acne on my scalp. But these seemed significantly reduced! And I also love that the product has only four ingredients!!!! There are absolutely no chemicals in there, not even FDA approved ones. I rarely see products with such a short ingredient list! I look forward to seeing more results—thicker hair for one would please me!

Borislava Hicks

I really appreciate this energizer and the difference it has made. In the interest of full disclosure, I recently underwent chemotherapy so saw a lot of hair loss before and while I was beginning treatment. Now I am in remission. I wasn’t looking for a product. This kind of fell into my lap. My doctor asked if I could try out this product since it was 100% natural and contained no chemicals whatsoever. She understood that after my treatment I wanted not even an iota of chemicals near my body. I needed to de-toxify. So I decided to try it out. I must say that CRIA is very soothing to the scalp. I expected the alcohol to sting but the way the ingredients are mixed, it just didn’t! I could actually feel my scalp tingling in a good way! I am hoping this means that my follicles are being recharged and that means return of good hair. I do see certain bald patches in the middle of my head (are beginning to) have a dark fuzz, which I think might be new hair!! I will let you know how this goes but I am so excited to find this and its possibility!!

Becky Hess Yoder

My hair looks healthy and thicker since I started using CRIA. It definitely is a thickener, and “stimulator” because my thinning hair feels so much better and only in two weeks!!!! I have not experienced any hair regrowth – but if this is all that happens – I’m happy. My hair looks that much better.

Jeannie York

My hair looks healthy – scalp does not itch anymore!! And that is the best relief I can find for now. CRIA smells real good too! Nothing strong or perfume-like. It smells like the real deal.

Tammy Kerr

I have naturally thin hair, but after using this product for just a few days I’ve noticed a huge difference!! I’ve been using it on my hair part as well as on the tips, and my hair is not only thicker, but it looks healthier and holds more volume. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with thin or thinning hair.

Nicole Klein

Been losing a bit more hair lately as I’ve been growing it out. This stuff thickened it back up nicely in just a week. My hair actually looks fuller than it did before, which is nice. It smells good too. I like that it is not greasy at all and settles really well into the hair. I would recommend it, very much!

Cayah Haney

I have been using this product for a little over a month now and I really love it! My hair thinned significantly over the last few years due to bleaching (I know, I know, I should lay off that). This product not only makes your hair much softer and shinier after the first use, it truly does make growth faster. It’s not going to make your hair grow overnight but, with regular use, I’ve even received comments about my hair looking thicker! I work from home, so I put it on in the morning and leave it on for a few hours, or will even sleep with it on. There’s no reason to not give this all natural product a try! I’m so glad I did. Also, I actually really like the smell!

Jeannie York

This CRIA 100% natural hair follicle energizer has been needed for some time now for my hair and my daughter’s hair. My daughter straitened her hair almost daily. It has become drab, with dead ends, and sometimes hairs just break off. Since using this her hair is looking shiny, healthier, and not as dry and brittle. I on the other hand have that super curly dry and frizzy hair. Since using this I have noticed my hair isn’t as dry or frizzy. It doesn’t hurt as much brushing through my hair because curls try to curl into each other. This product is amazingly good for straight, wavy, or curly hair. The fact that this is 100% natural is a bonus.

Pradip, Austin, TX

Amazing product! This product t is one of a kind. The hair within days felt thicker and stronger. I have used this product for over 6 weeks now. My hairline receded sometimes in my early 30’s and has not changed much since then. I noticed at the beginning of the year my hair thinning on top of my scalp. So I decided to try this product, courtesy of a friend at work. This product goes a very long way. Yes, the bottle is small, but it only takes a quarter size of CRIA to cover the hair. I would definitely recommend CRIA to anyone with my kind of hair issues or any other kind of hair loss. Thank you!

Eric, Dallas, TX

I was losing hair in the front of my head, not on my crown, and since using Cria the hair has filled in. As for my brother – he used it until it was gone and then just never contacted you to get more. His hair is way thinner than mine. His friend Ross is still using it and likes his results, my brother should get back on it and give it the time it needs for him to reap the benefits. I’m very pleased. (with CRIA) thank you, Shubhra.

Jens, Austin, TX

When I first heard about Cría, I was skeptical. How could a natural hair product create hair growth? Any of the non-natural commercial products that I’ve tried never produced any results (except for minor negative side effects). After the first few weeks of using Cria I didn’t notice growth but felt that my hair had gotten substantially stronger, and it appeared as if I wasn’t losing hair anymore. This alone gave me enough motivation to continue using Cria. After roughly 6 weeks, I found myself astonished because the empty patches, on the top of my head, had disappeared. Yes, gone completely! Since then I’ve been using Cria consistently and suffice to say, I fell in love with it. If you are looking for a product that creates new hair growth without any toxic side effects, I’d highly suggest giving Cria a try. It’s a miracle brew. Try and you shall see !!!

Teri and Ben Deering, St. Louis, Missouri

My husband is hooked and his hair has not looked this healthy in years! The other detail he added to his positive feedback is he has had dry patches on his scalp, has used prescription treatments with some relief, these are gone now with CRIA! My husband has become your biggest proponent and tells many about the amazing results. ‘Am sure it will be on his Christmas list!