Getting here was not seamless or easy. It required work. Not the everyday work of figuring out product insurance costs or the label design but the emotional work of grounding yourself. Just like a golfer takes her time digging her feet deeper into the sand to take the shot, I too needed to anchor my emotions so I could take my best shot. Yes, I did the usual. I listened to Oprah’s super soul Sundays and the TedTalks. I read “how the past is present,” I tried “living my year consciously,” I visualized a life worth living with people worth living for, I trained at a gym while learning to dance the Argentine Tango, I reached within the local community for mentors and enterpreneurs in training, I actively sought new friends, and so on. Yet listening in is not the same as being. I felt good with all that everyone I accessed had to offer. But the real challenge was to keep that good, to keep feeling what I was feeling. As someone said, being happy brings happy. But how do you keep happy? It is probably the strangest word in the English language—everyone swears by it yet cannot practice it. And what did being happy have to do with hair and scalp booster? At first thought, nothing really. On second and third thought, everything really. For me, being happy was about soothing myself, to breathing easy so I could let all thought escape and just be. Echart Tolle believes that all our power is in the now. But what does that mean? To me, it means being conscious of where I am, what I am doing, how I am behaving with me and others, what goodness surrounds me. To me what it doesn’t mean is swirling the past because “past is tense” always. And to get to a future, I need to acknowledge the present. There is no other way. Acknowledging the present is the task, isn’t it? So I never forget to breathe—that is the only way I can show me again and again that I am alive and ‘am here. Breathing is the anchor to life, and if life is intrinsically good, then all that I do in and for the sake of this life, has to be good, no? This is the only deductive reasoning that makes sense to me. Hope it does to you too.

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