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Healthy Bodies Create Healthy Hair.

CRIA helps your body create new hair by giving it what it needs. Allowing the body to do what it does best–rejuvenate and create new and healthier hair.

CRIA is a Powerful Combination of Essential Oils and Herbs.

Its antioxidant properties first restore your body’s potential to heal, the essential nutrients recharge your biological system, which in turn rejuvenates the hair follicles to give you exactly what you need–richer, fuller, healthier hair.

On the Scalp

CRIA’s antioxidants neutralize toxins on the scalp, restoring its normal PH balance, while the essential nutrients nourish the follicles to create new hair, faster.

In the Body

Antioxidants then enter the bloodstream through the scalp and can neutralize more toxins there, eventually carrying those out as waste. This can also help restore the body’s PH balance while the essential nutrients help the body create new hair.

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