“After Cria, my hair was just so beautiful: so shiny, soft and still had it’s normal volume and thickness. What was most remarkable for me was the strength of my hair. It was just like my hair was before I began coloring it. I’ve been coveting it and only using it before big events and nights out because truly, I’ve never seen my hair in such great shape after a product. Honest! I implore you to give Cria a try. It's SO good!”

— Katie O' Sullivan
The Green Product Junkie


“I literally want to say 'thank you' CRIA because you gave my hair shininess. Easy to apply, easy to wash off.”

Stanley K.

“Before CRIA my hair was pretty damaged due to bleaching. Thanks to CRIA for giving me back healthier, voluminous hair.”

Serene K.

“I was experiencing a receding hair line. After using CRIA for a month, I can see some baby hair! And love it’s lavender smell!”

Nick Scott
NFL Player

“I use CRIA for my hair and apply some on my beard too!”


“One week after using CRIABrow, I saw a difference! My brows were darker, softer than before. And the dandruff had disappeared too. So easy to use!”

Corporate Relations

“When I used CRIABrow for the first time, I just knew. So simple to use! In 4 weeks, I had hair growth, no dandruff or itchiness anymore!”

Nicole L.

“My hair is certainly fuller after using CRIA. And it didn't take me more than 2 minutes a day! It smells amazing too!”

Fashion Executive

“I had a thinning brow problem. CRIABrow solved my problem in only 4 weeks!”

Yukiko A.
Theater Actress

“After using CRIA, my hair is a lot stronger. My hair feels more manageable, softer.”

Daniel A.

“Wow, I'm impressed. After CRIA, I can see more hair, more patches that are filled.”

Consumer Behavior Analyst

“After using CRIA, my hair fall reduced considerably, and my scalp felt clean! Even my hair stylist noticed a difference!”


“I have dry hair, dandruff. My CRIA experience was so good. My hair felt healthier, and dandruff was much less after only 4 weeks!”

Sin Yee
Corporate Trainer

“I just finished using CRIA for 4 weeks. I didn’t have hair in a certain spot and now I do!”


“I had a severe hair loss issue that wasn’t going away and tried everything. After CRIA, all my worries went away. It felt pure and made my hair feel silkier, healthier!”

Lisa Siew

“CRIA helped me with my thinning hair. A little bit of CRIA goes a long way in making my hair fuller, healthier!”

Gwen L.

“After using CRIA, I saw an area along my forehead growing baby hair!”

Guo Wei G.
Insurance Agent

“After using CRIA for 1 month, my hair feels shinier, thicker! My brows too! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next month!”


“My comb was always full of broken hair. After CRIA, my hair texture really improved. And it protected my hair color too!”

Freelance Photographer

“I used other products for my dandruff and hair loss, but nothing lasted long-term, except CRIA. I’m amazed by its results!”


“My hair was thinning. CRIA added volume to my hair after only 4 weeks!”

Eloise C.

“I’m amazed by CRIA’s effect on my broad hair parting. It’s reduced!”


“Coloring made my hair rough. CRIA made it smoother and stronger only after 2 weeks! I want to wear it all the time!”


“I have hair loss and an itchy scalp. After using CRIA for 4 weeks, my dandruff is gone, and I can see new hair! I want to keep using it!”

Agnes L.
Content Director

“I had to trim my brows after using CRIABrow because it was growing so fast! I love CRIA’s smell!”

Keifer T.

“With CRIA my hairline has more baby hair and my brows are thicker too! I love it!”

Computer Analyst

“Scalp dandruff had transferred to brows. CRIA solved both issues!”

Cookie C.
Insurance Agent

“After using CRIA for a month, my hair is getting a bit stronger, doesn’t fall after I wash it.”


“My brows were falling off before CRIABrow! This product is my wish come true!”

Julien S.
Corporate Trainer

“After using CRIA for 4 weeks, my hairline is not so receded, and my brows look thicker!”

Sing N.

“I have quite a bit of baby hair growing in areas I apply CRIA regularly!”

Eileen Rhein

“I used CRIA to protect my hair from the harsh New York winters!”

Online Educator

“My brows were itchy and thin. CRIABrow helped so much and so easy to carry around, apply!”

Anita J.

“After 6 weeks of using CRIA, I saw baby hair and my hair felt longer too!”

Muneet K.

“My hair broke mid-length and was very dry. After CRIA, my hair detangles easily, feels smoother but stronger!”

Valerie C.

“CRIA keeps my long hair moisturized the whole day! A little bit goes a long way!”


“I have thinning hair and a bit of hair loss too. CRIA helped grow hair and added length to existing hair!”