CRIAA Topical Elixir

Here’s how it works: The organic plant-based alcohol temporarily "dries" the scalp so the essential herb-based nutrients can be absorbed quickly into the follicle tissues. This dryness, though essential, is only temporary. CRIA's combination of essential oils act as a powerful emollient, also restoring the scalp’s natural PH balance. So, you can see a healthier scalp, stronger roots quickly. 

CRIA'sWellness Essence

Anything you apply on the skin you let in. Scalp is skin. With CRIA, you're letting in natural ingredients that are so good for the body, aligning with it to give you healthier, stronger hair that last. With CRIA, create your own routine—while working out, working from home, or overnight. Use every day of the week if you like. It’s YOUR choice. That’s why this organic hair care is such a game-changer!

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Scientifically CraftedWith Only 4 Organic Ingredients

  • Sesame Seed Oil's powerful antioxidants & minerals reduce scalp itchiness & strengthen hair.
  • Lavender Oil heals, soothes the scalp.
  • Jaborandi Herb, indigenous to the Amazon Rainforests, rejuvenates hair follicles.
  • Naturally harvested, plant-based alcohol is a powerful extractor, anti-bacterial soother used to unleash the full potential of CRIA’s formula.

How to ApplyCRIA Hair & Scalp Booster

  2. Apply on scalp, pull through hair ends.
  3. Lightly massage it in.
  4. Leave on for 1 hour or overnight.
  5. Use 3 times per week or as desired.
  6. Experience the best in organic hair care!

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