Après Avant is a blog and eCommerce site committed to conscious living and mindfulness. Often the website will feature products they find groundbreaking in the realm of organic beauty and nutrition.

This past October, Après Avant featured an in depth interview with CRIA’s own founder, Shubhra Sharma that covers everything from the discovery of CRIA’s original formula and its specific health benefits, to Shubhra’s own definition of conscious living.

When asked, “What makes CRIA’s Hair & Scalp Booster unique from peer products?” Shubhra talks about how CRIA not only makes hair healthier, it combats hair loss by empowering the body to make stronger, longer hair thats lasts.

Jeremy Wayne Howell and Shubhra Sharma


“Meaningful minimalist products that are carefully crafted for maximum life-affirming affects.”

-Shubhra Sharma

Founders of CRIA Hair

She also describes CRIA’s mission to offer, “meaningful minimalist products that are carefully crafted for maximum life-affirming affects.”

Shubhra’s own personal wellness tips answer questions such as, “What else can we do to grow healthy hair?” and “What is your daily hair care routine?”.

Shubhra offers her own personal wellness tips while also defining conscious living as “paying attention to what your body is saying, knowing what that means, and then finding exactly what will make it better, naturally.”

Thank you Après Avant for featuring CRIA on your inspiring website! Together we can help everyone live a more health conscious, beautiful life.

Thank you Après Avant

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