In the middle of absolute emotional chaos, I felt an idea.

I remember sitting at my father’s computer table letting it out to my brother, sitting opposite me.

“I want to try this.”

My brother nodded then cautioned – “you need to figure out the manufacturing bit.”

And I thought to myself, – “Yeah, I can figure that out and everything else.”

I am trained to be an anthropologist not an entrepreneur. Yet, I felt I could be the latter.

At least I would try because I needed a purpose, something that engaged my senses enough to forget the chaos claiming me in all directions. I tried hard to not tell myself this might not work because that would be point zero and I seriously needed to move towards point one, at least.

0 to 1 was progress. That was all I needed to see, all I needed to feel.

No, I didn’t tell myself I was on a hero’s journey or making a hair and scalp booster was my calling.

It wasn’t even a passion.

I was just curious whether I as a human being could realize an idea.

“Could I do this?” – was the challenge and my answer was – “Yes, I could try.”

After being in academia for almost 20 years, feeling like I never belonged, feeling no joy in living a life of insistent critique, I gave myself a makeover. I had to.

I wanted to live the next 20 years building something that matters, that soothes, that energizes, that gives hope.

Here was my opportunity—I found in the pages of my father’s diary.

So here I am.

Shubhra Sharma with Jeremy Wayne Howell, founders of CRIA


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