Since the launch of CRIA, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback about our product and its effectiveness. Our patrons regularly share their healthy hair journeys with CRIA whether it’s via direct messages or posts on Instagram and Facebook.

It takes just one bottle of CRIA, and regular application as per instructions, to see and feel healthier, stronger, shinier hair! Users have experienced it first-hand. Try it! We know you’ll love it too!

But don’t take our word for it–we love hearing from our CRIA family about their CRIA “healthy hair” experiences and want to share them with you!

If you’d like to share your CRIA experience, let us know and we’ll happily post it here!

Happy, Healthy, Hair Customers

Katie O’Sullivan (24.6K Followers)

One of our dearest collaborators and an honest green product reviewer – Katie O’Sullivan has written about our CRIA on her blog and given us shoutouts several times on Instagram. If you are into green, organic, healthy products – you should definitely follow her and her blog! And BTW, Katie is one of the top 15 green beauty bloggers in the world!

Follow Katie on Instagram: @thegreenproductjunkie

Ashley Armstrong (38.5K Followers)

We got in touch with the amazingly talented Ashley Armstrong, who bravely shared her health concerns in a recent post alongside her praise for CRIA in keeping her hair healthy through it all. She tried our CRIA, and said that she will “forever be grateful for our product” – that’s a quote, we’re not making this stuff up.

Follow Ashley on IG @ashleystrongarm and her music @dear.ears

Eileen Rhein (102K Followers)

Eileen is an NYC based lawyer, dancer, blogger and influencer whose passions include “luxury travel, fashion, and lifestyle.” We couldn’t help but notice her beautiful blond hair in every post and were ecstatic when she acknowledged that CRIA helps “keep her signature blonde locks healthy and strong when she’s on the go!” CRIA had the good fortune to travel with Eileen, especially to France, in 2018!

You can read Eileen’s blog here: https://lighttravelsfaster.com
Or follow her on Insta here: @lighttravelsfaster

Sarah Potempa (169K Followers)

Sarah’s hair styled celebrities like Lea Michele, Emily Blunt, and Camila Cabello. She’s also the inventor of The Beachwaver! Thank you, Ms. Potempa, for your supportive gesture towards CRIA.

Check out her company here: https://beachwaver.com/
Or follow her on Instagram here: @sarahpotempa and here: @thebeachwaver

Zahara Khan (the_zlist) (47.1k followers)

Ms. Khan is a Boston and NYC blogger who posts about her many exotic travels in the US and abroad. Check out her Morocco vlog here. The pictures will make you quit work and book your travel NOW! Ms. Khan constantly engages with her audience via “ask me a question” on IG and during one such conversation she shared about her hair related pain points, mentioning CRIA as “this hair oil that actually works soooo well with my hair growth!” Thank you, Zahara. So glad to be part of your hair journey and for using CRIA to keep your already beautiful tresses healthier, stronger, and shinier!

Follow her on Instagram: @the_zlist

Rachelle Robinett (14k followers)

Rachelle is the founder of Supernatural and HRBLS. She believes that “plants are our food, food is medicine, and nature is our source of life.” She runs her Supernatural Cafe for “real-world plant-based wellness” in NYC. So when she gave CRIA a shout out on her IG, we felt validated and of course grateful!

Follow her on Instagram too: @rachellerobinett

Molly Sims (301K Followers)

We’re really lucky to get into the hands of Molly Sims- actress, model, humanitarian, and hip momma! Molly’s hair is as beautiful as she is, and we hope our product will only make it stronger and healthier!

You can follow Molly on Instagram: @mollybsims

And more is yet to come

These are just some of our customers and friends that have shared their CRIA experience online, confirming that our product really does what we claim – create healthier, stronger, shinier hair faster! If you are using CRIA or would like to, please let us know! Let us help you on your journey towards great hair!

Stay strong, stay healthy!

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